Male And Female Brains Work Differently

In today’s edition, the L.A. Times leads with this story: For the first time, a large scale comparative study has shown that male and female brains work differently. Of course, no two brains are ever identical, nor are two minds ever the same. But there are subtle but profound biological differences which have now been shown to be remarkably consistent within either sex. Leading the research is Sandra Witelson at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Her work was recently published in Science, the New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet.

Surprisingly, this turns out to be politically charged stuff – and therefore makes good headlines.

But why should this be controversial? Society accepts the fact that male and female bodies are anatomically different and each has distinct features and properties. This is why men and women generally do not compete against each other in sports. But Western society has come to have real issues with the idea that male and female brains are not the same, and that therefore, male and female minds think in different ways.

It will be interesting to see if we, as a society, will implement this knowledge, or if we will continue to promote politically correct ideology in ignorance of scientific fact.

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