I am a media professional working in print, online and broadcast media. As a journalist and content creator, I specialize in covering science, technology and related subjects.

For private, corporate and non-profit clients, I function as a consultant and devise media strategies, with a particular emphasis on online and social media. This frequently involves the creation, editing and translation of technical, scientific and procedural texts such as manuals, books, videos, product descriptions, corporate policies, public relations materials and press releases. I have also been active as a speechwriter and creator of presentation materials in the areas of innovation, advanced and emerging technologies, science history and the technology-human interface.

I am fluent in English and German.

Writing, editing, German-English translations, photography, search engine optimization, social media, producing electronic and broadcast media products.

For more about my professional background, please see my LinkedIn Profile.

The views expressed on my personal blog are my own. I do not take anything from sponsors or advertisers, nor do I endorse or support any particular corporation, political party, ideology or cause.

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