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Halloween 2011 – Mysterious Journeys

At this time of the year, the barrier between the physical world and the other dimensions of the netherworld is said to become porous. For those who seek them, hidden gateways open the possibility for passage from one world to another. Mysterious journeys in both directions may be undertaken. Enjoy Halloween. And return safely to your respective worlds.

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The Abandoned Railroad

I have a fascination with hidden, forgotten and deserted places. Sometimes, one can find them even in the busiest of places. Here is a picture of an abandoned railroad track in the middle of Los Angeles. I accidentally found this site by following some stray cats in a park. Not far from this place are residences, freeways and traffic jams.

Railroad Tracks. Photo: Reinhard Kargl, 2009. Click to enlarge.

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Lost And Found: Portrait Of Maria Altmann

This was driving me crazy: I once took a series of photographs of Maria Altmann, the heiress of several Gustav Klimt paintings. (She successfully sued the Republic of Austria for the return of famous art worth $328 million, and passed away earlier this year. See my other blog post on Maria Altmann).

But the pictures I had taken went missing. As I was going through old boxes yesterday, the set re-emerged. (It turns out I had just tossed them into a box, along with all kinds of other “stuff”, instead of filing them away). Here is what I think is the best image from the series:

Maria Altmann Portrait

Maria Altmann in her garden. Click to enlarge. © Reinhard Kargl 2000

Previously unpublished and available for licensing. Original: Ilford XP2 Super, 35 mm negative film.

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