After Five Years, A New Layout

When I started this blog five years ago, it was just an experiment. I didn’t think it would attract any attention but considered it a good exercise and playground. To my surprise, readership has grown steadily and now reaches several thousand per month.

When I began, I was not happy with any of templates and blogging platforms in existence at the time. I didn’t like the clutter of permalinks and sidebars and didn’t want to bother with categorized posts. I didn’t want to click buttons or pull down menus. I simply wanted to write. I just wanted a simple string of text, divided into paragraphs and segments – similar to what you might find in a printed magazine.

So I decided to write everything in simple HTML, which allowed me to do it all by myself. Additionally, a simple file structure without self-hosted scripts and databases allowed me to keep a mental overview of where the various files were located.

But now, technology has moved on, and I feel the time has come for a change. Particularly the rise of social networking applications has changed the way content is shared. Unfortunately, this now requires a more standardized and structured way of doing things. Automating certain tasks and relying on templates and hosted scripts has become a necessity.

After giving this some thought (and because I had to study it for clients anyway), I have decided to migrate to a dedicated blogging platform. Among all the options, I decided for a self-hosted WordPress platform.

As time permits, I will be fine tuning various elements, so please be patient while I make these adjustments.

Most likely, due to time constraints I will not move all the posts of the previous five years into the new platform, but they are still accessible in the old HTML files. (Please note that the search box in the sidebar will not work for these files).

Thank you for reading!

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