New Book: The Ikarus Sydrome – A History of American Hubris

In his new book, journalist Peter Beinart argues that when America’s optimist spirit became devoid of all limitations, the nation fell victim to hubris — the same euphoria that afflicts a gambler after winning a few times. As a result of feeling unstoppable, America began to project its power globally and beyond what is reasonable and affordable.

As an advocate of American Isolationism (and the ideas of Thomas Paine in particular), I know I will find this book to be a fascinating read.

Here are the author’s home page and blog.

ISBN: 9780061456466; ISBN10: 0061456462; Imprint: Harper; On Sale: 6/1/2010; Format: Hardcover; Trimsize: 6 x 9″; Pages: 496; $27.99;

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