I Still Have Mine!

This week’s announcement of the impeding end for Sony’s venerable, classic Walkman reverberated around the world. After all, the device has revolutionized the way we listen to music — since 1979. It once provided the soundtrack to my life and was one of my most prized possessions.

My old Walkman! Photo: Reinhard Kargl. Click to enlarge.

I still have mine! It cost a quadzillion (or what seemed to be a crazy amount at the time) and was the top of the line: all-metal construction, Dolby Noise Reduction, “Disc Drive Capstan Servo Anti Rolling Mechanism” (whatever that means), and two headset jacks. The latter was very important, since it made it possible  to get close to someone special while listening to music decidedly intolerable to parents. (Hah! Take that, iPod!)

After Sony’s initial announcement caused widespread echo around the world, the Japanese concern was quick to clarify: although Walkman cassette players will no longer be sold in Japan, some models continue to be available in select markets. (However, these models are cheapo, flimsy plastic thingies of inferior quality compared to the high-end models from the 1980s).

I think I’ll pop in a Ramones cassette and see it it still works. Until then, gabba-gabba hey! Whatever.

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