Lost And Found: Portrait Of Maria Altmann

This was driving me crazy: I once took a series of photographs of Maria Altmann, the heiress of several Gustav Klimt paintings. (She successfully sued the Republic of Austria for the return of famous art worth $328 million, and passed away earlier this year. See my other blog post on Maria Altmann).

But the pictures I had taken went missing. As I was going through old boxes yesterday, the set re-emerged. (It turns out I had just tossed them into a box, along with all kinds of other “stuff”, instead of filing them away). Here is what I think is the best image from the series:

Maria Altmann Portrait

Maria Altmann in her garden. Click to enlarge. © Reinhard Kargl 2000

Previously unpublished and available for licensing. Original: Ilford XP2 Super, 35 mm negative film.

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