Watching The Wheels

My favorite photograph of John Lennon is this one, taken by Jürgen Vollmer in April of 1961. At the time, the Beatles were on their second engagement in Germany. The location is a doorway at Jägerpassage 1, Wohlwillstrasse 2 in Hamburg.

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Vollmer recalls how the image was taken.

This picture was one of John Lennon’s favorites as well. In February of 1975 it hung, framed, on a wall at the home he shared with Yoko Ono at the Dakota building in New York:

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The object in the background is a jukebox filled with 45-singles Lennon found influential.

The same Hamburg photo also appears on the cover of “Rock ‘n Roll“, a compilation of Lennon’s versions of classic rockabilly tunes.

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